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Exactly how to find a fitting new career, or create the business of your dreams
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Why staying in retail is literally killing you
The reasons why the better you become, the less secure your retail job is
How to quit while leaving the biggest impact, a lasting impression, and causing disaster to those who deserve it, yet maintaining a re-hirable status

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What you will find inside
F U Retail

Retail associates, retail sales, and retail management is one of the largest scams to the employee that has been sold to us as American citizens. Between terrible hours, terrible benefits, terrible upward movement, and unethical practices everywhere, this is an industry you know deep in your heart that you need to escape. It doesn't matter if you currently work in a grocery store, retail outlet, clothing store, sporting good store, auto part store, or toy store, if you work in a large or small food service, restaurant, or coffee shop - your mental health, life, future, and family need you to read this book to help you make the change today.

The exact skills, resources, items, and contacts you will need

A easy to follow step by step guide to freedom and success

So many great tips and tricks, is this even legal?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Why Retail is Failing and
How it's Literally Killing You

Chapter 2 - Step One
Upgrading Your
Personal Finances

Chapter 3 - Step Two
Deciding Your
New Life Direction

Chapter 4 - Step Three
Leveling Up
Your Marketable Skills

Chapter 5 - Step Four
Acquiring Your
Wonderful Network

Chapter 6 - Step Five
Bulletproofing Your Resume

Chapter 7 - Step Six
Creating Your Brand

Chapter 8 - Step Seven
Pursuing Your
Goal: Relentlessly

Chapter 9 - Step Eight
F*ck That Place!

Chapter 10 - Step Nine
Enjoying Your "New You"
and Your "New Life"

Chapter 11 - Extra Tools
Enhance that Awesome Feeling Plus a Ton More!!!!

Each chapter is loaded with case studies, examples, advice from professionals, and tips from those who have gone through situations very similar to yours... Don't wait, get your copy today!!!!!

FU Retail in numbers

270 Detailed Pages
Loaded with content
Full of tips, tricks,
and ways to tell
that place to F*ck Off!
11 Jam Packed Chapters
Step by step advice
on exactly how
to break free!

F*ck You Retail - Coming Soon!

Stuck in retail? Hate it?

So does basically everyone who works in that industry with you. Including me! I wrote this book to teach you the 8 steps to get out of the retail industry, and into something that will treat you and pay you much better.
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About Me

David Bee started working in the retail world in high school around the year 2001. After years of under-appreciation David decided to branch off and create something new that would add value to the world.

Though it was (and continues to be) an incredible journey of trial, error, failure, and success, David now spends the majority of his time helping people who are also interested in undergoing an epic adventure. For those who have a burning passion inside of them, or a heartfelt mission they need to share, David can help you turn it into a functional business, avoiding the financial, and technical mistakes that he went through.

Unlike other business or personal development coaches, David helps you set up the actual systems and assets for your business to run. Not simply the mindset or theory. Amazingly, he will also help you do it faster, cheaper, and easier than just about any other business coach in the industry, and you will have dramatically more fun doing it than you could possibly expect.

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